Syarikat Nang Hin Trading Sdn Bhd
24, Jalan BPU 4,
Bandar Puchong Utama,
47100 Puchong,
Selangor, Malaysia.
 +603-5882 6113

 +603-5882 6123
 +603-5882 8864

Welcome to Syarikat Nang Hin Trading Sdn Bhd

Syarikat Nang Hin Trading Sdn Bhd is a leading wholesaler & supplier for traditional chinese medicine and over the counter medicine. Our company is located in Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia.

Welcome to Syarikat Nang Hin Trading Sdn Bhd
Syarikat Nang Hin Trading Sdn Bhd is located in Puchong, Selangor, is only 45 minutes from the capital Kuala Lumpur and Sepang International Airport, also a leading over the counter medicine (OTC) and traditional chinese medicine (TCM) wholesalers in Malaysia. Our products are complying with the requirements of the Ministry of Health, registration and affordable products and services for the public. With the support of sales team and wholesaler at other state, our business had extended throughout the Peninsular and East Malaysia. Nang Hin is the sole distributor for famous brands in Indonesia, China and Taiwan.



Anti Lice 1 products
AntiSeptic Powder 2 products
Bag 2 products
Balm 2 products
Bandages 9 products
Capsule 8 products
Condom 1 products
Cream 2 products
Doll 1 products
Ear Care 1 products
EYE CARE 1 products
Fever 3 products
Flu 6 products
Food 5 products
Food & Snack 12 products
Food & Snacks 4 products
Food Supplements 1 products
Foot Patch 2 products
Gauze 3 products
General Health 2 products
Gift 1 products
Hamper Box 6 products
Health & Beauty 1 products
House Hold 1 products
Liquid 2 products
Lotion 1 products
Machine 3 products
Medical Device 3 products
Medicated Plaster 2 products
Men Health 1 products
None 1 products
Oil 21 products
Ointment 4 products
Ointment & Balm 12 products
Personal Care 15 products
Personal Health 31 products
Pills 10 products
Pimples 1 products
Plaster 6 products
Powder 15 products
Rhumdic Plaster 1 products
Sex Pleasure 1 products
Skin Care 8 products
Slimming 1 products
Snanck & Foods 1 products
So Hup pill 2 products
Soap 1 products
Soap & Cleansers 1 products
Sprain 1 products
Stomache 1 products
Stomache Powder 1 products
Syrup 1 products
Tablet 12 products
Tea 6 products
Ubat Kurap 1 products
Ulcer 1 products
Water/Liquid 1 products
Others 125 products

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