Syarikat Nang Hin Trading Sdn Bhd
24, Jalan BPU 4,
Bandar Puchong Utama,
47100 Puchong,
Selangor, Malaysia.
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About Us

Syarikat Nang Hin Trading Sdn Bhd is a leading over the counter medicine (OTC) and traditional chinese medicine (TCM) wholesalers. The company, Nam Hin Medical Hall was founded by Mr. Ho Ming Fatt in 1978, since then it had transformed into the retail business into a wholesale/distribution business on the 28th July 1986 by Mr. Seow Kok Meng and Madam Wong Fong Chang. Along with company's development, we are major in medical wholesalers and complying with the requirements of the Ministry of Health, GSP certification and entry permit. With the support of sales team and wholesaler at other state, our business had extended throughout the Peninsular and East Malaysia. Our customers include individuals, medical product retailers and pharmacies, chain stores and smaller distributing companies.

From the beginning, we are the sole distributor for famous Medical product around the world, which including Cap Lang. The products are including Cap Lang Medicated Oil, Cap Lang White Medicated Oil and Cap Lang Balsem Gosok. Especially, the major product Cap Lang White Medicated Oil, we had wholesale it from 1980-2006.

Besides that, we also Cooperation with local GMP established own pharmaceutical brands such as Lion Ball brands are widely used by people, medicated oil, Nutmeg oil, Nutmeg balm, Sida cream, medicated balm, Safflower oil, grass oil, and the famous brands in Malaysia - 4 season oil.

Our company mission is to constantly explore for opportunities to acquiring the distributorship for other local and imported quality products and make these products easily available to our customers in Malaysia. This will remain as the core principal of our future development.

南兴贸易有限公司是一家传统中药和成药产品供应商。南兴参茸药行由已故贺明发先生成立于1978年,并于 1986年与已故的萧国民先生和黄玉英女士改组为私人有限公司。随着公司的发展,如今已经成为马来西亚主要的成药批发商,拥有卫生部的GSP认证和入口准 证,销售网络已经覆盖全马来半岛和东马医药市场。我们主要的顾客群来自成药批发商,中药店,西药房,迷你市场,连锁商店和药箱制造商等。


除此之外,我们还和国内外的GMP厂家合作开发自家品牌的医药产品,如狮球牌系列产品,其中包括深受国内外游客喜爱的 千里追风油,蟾蜍拔毒膏,暖脐膏,千里追风膏,豆蔻油,豆蔻膏,红花油,青草油等等,以及闻名全马的四季平安油。


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